A paradox

My compartment is not completely dark; a stream of light is coming from another compartment. I can clearly see the upper berth in the adjacent compartment from my seat, a side upper berth that I don’t usually take because of the longlegs I’ve got, but today I am kinda liking it up here. I see a girl, her face brightens as the light kisses her skin, her eyes shine and she smiles constantly as she reads her book. I can’t really see the name of the book but I wonder how good it would be to make her smile like that.

There is this guy continuously talking to his fiance, recently engaged, I can see the mehandi of his hands still dark. TBH, I was getting a little annoyed but then I noticed his hair cropped short like they have in the army or police. I got curious and began listening to his conversation carefully. Well yes, very ill-mannered of me, I get it; but curiosity ko kaun roke bc! So I listened and realized that he was serving for our country and was posted somewhere really cold. I realized, his mehendi was also not even completely vanished from his hands and he had to leave. Anger suddenly turned into sympathy for the woman he was talking to. I mean, it’s hard to know in what conditions he was going to be and if he would ever be back from that place. Life is hard we say; guess what, these people just beat us in the life game !

As my thoughts on the army man ran afar, my mind got diverted towards this newly-wed couple travelling to Kashmir for their honeymoon. I looked back at this man in front of me probably going to that same place away from his fiancé and thought – a paradox! The couple will safely enjoy their honeymoon not knowing the fact that the stranger they are travelling with is the one who will make it possible for them.

Journey, holds a lot in itself; some lessons, some deep thoughts, some tears and some happiness. Remember to cherish every moment of it cuz you never know!

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Abhilash Shrivastava
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