Of all the darkness inside us, fear grows more rapidly than any other. According to a study by psychologist James H. Geer (fear survey scedule II), suffocation, failing a test, looking foolish, terrorist attacks, Injury of a loved one, death of a loved one, being self-conscious, being alone, making mistakes, and the future are the things that scare us the most.

Fear of being alone in life scare us in a quite regular basis I guess, rest all the above mentioned fears rupture our minds occasionally.

One of my friend was afraid too, he has a fear of being in love with someone. He can not speak his mind to anyone, he likes being alone. He can cry all night long and no one will ever notice. Is it safe? Is it good to be alone all the time? Many people struggle with the same on a daily basis. They must have a social life but how many actually open up about their insecurities to someone? I guess loneliness these days is so common that we have actually kinda started liking in one or the other way. People have started to adapt the *I don’t give a fuck* kind of life. I think life doesn’t work like that.

Fear has driven us to do things which may or may have already changed us all in a very bad way. This “I don’t give a fuck” kinda society we are living in right now is a society of fools and the lonely assholes who are going to be the same unless we start caring, unless we start to change the way we think. Being alone or being afraid of speaking it out won’t help us.

There was this guy who had this girl in his life once, they were perfect. Things were all going good for two and a half years straight, until one day she asked him to end it all as she was in love with the other guy. He was shattered. He had nothing to say, he got angry, he said a lot of things to her which he till date regrets of saying. That was the incident which triggered his fear of committing to someone, telling someone that how much he love.

he kept himself alone, he started working alone, things were not going good, he was broke. Few months passed he started to act weird, he was diagnosed with depression, he tried to commit suicide 4 times, he didn’t had that much of courage to die though. My point is that please open up, speak about your insecurities to people you love. You have problem in trusting someone? Speak it out to your parents. But talk. Not speaking to anyone or being alone or being a person with ” I don’t give a fuck” kinda mentality doesn’t work at all, you just end up hurting yourself. Try to suppress the fear inside you. It won’t go away, it will remain with you till eternity but trust me you will be less afraid when you start speaking about that fear to people.

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Abhilash Shrivastava
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