Interview with an old friend, Krossdraws!

At episode 3 of “The Genius Jackass Show” I invited one of my old friend Karan Gupta, also known as the KrossDraws on Social Media. Karan is a great comic artist and got his fame by creating comics on his day to day life with her girl friend. Also please excuse us for the honking and noice, we are all stuck at home with no studio setups because of the lockdown, have tried to put some bg music and shit to reduce the noice.

He started his journey of comics by creating a comic strip to impress his girl and by time it became a thing over the social media. I guess every relationship is the same globally. Working alongside big names like Jaby Koay and Yes Theory to name a few, He has been trying to create a mark in the field of design and art. Let’s jump into the podcast and listen to what karan has to say.

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