Not so real

The wind, people, rush and that girl in the corner seat humming songs in a very low voice. Train’s “dhug dhug” and then honk in the background just added to it all. That chaiwala screaming at his usual cliched high pitched voice “chai chai, chai piyo chai”. Man! After 12 years I am sitting at a sleeper coach of a train. I almost forgot about these noices.

Train journeys used to be a fantasy when I was a child, it’s not that I never got to travel in it but every time it was a new experience for me. People used to be so friendly. From the passing of a news paper from one seat to the other to eating lunch with fellow passengers. From discussing politics to the recepie of pakodas that we just ate, people used to become so close to each other that some even ended up being friends for life.

I used to travel from Indore to Ambikapur (a small town in north part of chhattisgarh state) also my hometown. I had to change train at a station, that train only had sleeper coaches. Those 6 hours of journey were filled with all kind of excitements on the way. I still remember that place called boridand, waha ke vade bhaaisaab ek number. Those cheep thrills were life.

But, after 12 years the sleeper coach was no longer alive. It was dead silent. No political talk clasped the minds of the men. No recipes were shared in earnest concern among the women. Even the children were not fascinated to be travelling on an iron horse. Everyone was busy, or should I rather say engrossed, in idle stillness, staring at the screen of a technological marvel pertaining to the 21st century, the Cell phone.

Cell phones filled with nonsense, once invented to connect people and make world a smaller place to live. Look at these people now playing candy crush rather than eating and sharing, chatting on those Whatsapp groups where people are just connected smiling in a numb way, the emoticons does all the work right? We live in a world of chaos and no fucks society. Heads down and minds lost in a world of Virtual bullshit.

Today is the era where we are controlled by the technology we made. The total opposite of what we ever expected! There are complains of people getting addicted to this device also considered a psychological disorder to be precise! I mean seriously, where are we all headed towards? From a device created to connect people, socialize more to a device of self destruction for humankind. The transition seems not so good for us ain’t it? There is no turning back from here now! All I can say is that be more social in real and less virtual. The day is not so far when feelings start getting replaced by emoticons and all we’ll be able to do is 🙂 to smile and 🙁 when sad.

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Abhilash Shrivastava
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