The Dark Side

I believe that there always is the other side to every human being. For bad it’s the good side hidden somewhere inside the mind, and for the good there’s always something bad hidden. No one in this planet of ours is all right or wrong.
The dark side, the bad, the unwanted, the lonely, the unexpected, insecure and what not can we say to that. We all have that in us, don’t we? All the good people you know have something dark inside of them like a shadow growing longer. Everyone wants to stop it from getting any longer night by night. I had that dark side in me too, well in fact I still have it in me, no longer able to grow, paralyzed. How did I manage to do so is what I am gonna speak to you all about.


Run as fast as you can. Run! But run toward the dark side and punch it as hard as you can, you know speed multiplied by the force you apply and all.
Well sometimes it’s ok to be in the dark side, to fear about things in life, it helps us decide what or who to choose in times of despair. So do not ever hesitate to run towards the dark side because it will just make you stronger and will help you heal a lot more faster than you can ever imagine.

Be Patient

Making a right decision is not easy at all, it compels you to make choices you would never want to make, making you weak, leaving you in a distress. Life is tough, you need to be patient down here if you want to survive happily. You need to focus, focus on what really matters, what you really want from life and do whatever it takes to make it happen, There will always be dark times, but trust me they all temporary. They’ll pass.

Let Go

Darkness comes with sacrifices bundled in a same box, in your dark times you will have to let go of a lot of things in life like love, hate, sadness, some days happiness too and what not! That is the time when you will learn values of being patient in life. You want to see the princess of the night, you need to wait and at the same time when it comes you need to learn to let her go because you know she is there and she will come back again in a completely different form, because you know she is all yours at the end.


During the times of darkness you learn to be patient, to let go of things, but sometimes letting someone or something go hurts really bad, and this time it’s not just you. This is the moment of realization that it’s not “just” you, and when you realize that, you have a regret growing inside you. You think about all of those things you could have done to stop that from happening, you create an illusion of world inside you which isn’t real. But at that point of time things you did were to be done no matter what, maybe you could have stopped. But the thing is it’s already done. Was it right or was it wrong? This is the where you face the dilemma. So realizing your mistake is very big step, try to accept things whether you are right or wrong whatever it is, it’s you who made that choice.


There is this thing about time, it never gives you another chance, but give you a little more of it to make things right, yes for that you need to have patience. Life is all about choices you make, decisions you take, and that defines to what you really are. You may change in span of time, you may be rude to people, you may hurt people really bad, you can be the bad guy, but that doesn’t mean you are really bad. You just have made wrong choices in your life or have made some really bad decisions in your life and it’s OK! Everyone at some point of time face the situation like this, the dilemma of right and wrong. Sometimes you need to do wrong to make things right and sometimes right leads to something bad so it’s OK to make wrong decisions it just makes you more human, more alive.

Things won’t remain the same, life won’t be the same as your dreams, everything will change around you, the people, there behaviour towards you and a lot more things you couldn’t have imagined about, but it’s not the end, It’s the time giving you more of it to go out there and feel, to start fresh and be the new you.

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Abhilash Shrivastava
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