The New Age Witch

It’s 1806

“A broom that can take you to future” written on a board beside a magical broom stick kept inside a big glass wall at a witchcraft store located somewhere deep inside of the jungles of achanakmarg in a town of witches. The broom catches an eye of a young little curious witch, “Antariksha”. With the three months’ worth of pocket lizard tails and bat teeth that she was saving for her next wicca rituals on her 118th birthday, she purchased the broom.

With that glow in her eyes and excitement in her face she sat on it to fly into the future. As she makes a fly by the lights bright enough to make you see nothing but the glimpses of the happenings that are yet to happen, she reached her town in 2019. As she hovers above the same spot where her house used to be, the house that’s now a concrete block with a dimly lit yellow bulb outside the doorway, rooms all dark and dusty, things spread all around like search party had just left. Chaos. She saw a young girl of her own age laying down at her bed checking on her phone, probably wondering about why Sheetal is such a bitch or maybe about that guy Sahil she adores so much, Antariksha flew closer.

Antariksha, started to slowly walk inside near her. Completely clueless about the situation. As she moves close to that girl realising that she looks exactly like her, but dirtier and messier, the flower vas breaks with the broom stick she was carrying. The girl in shock looks at Antariksha, as clueless as her, both starred at each other for a while. AAAHAHAHHHHHHHHH!!! they both screamed AAAAAA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pause. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . still screaming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HHHHHH! They both stop.

A pin drop silence for a minute, both were calm enough to process. Antariksha asks the girl, ”Who are you”? “I am Falak”, She replied in a low voice. Antariksha notices some tears running down her eyes, She asked, “What happened, were you crying”? Falak nodded with, “yes”. As the conversation progressed, Antariksha came to know about her recent breakup. Breakups are hard man! Especially when it’s that first teenage fling that you will probably remember for your whole life.

Antariksha looks around Falak’s room. Open window with curtains half spread, the glare of sunlight with tiny little dust particles shinning bright. On the side is an eight row shelf filled with books, lots of em’. A chair cum wardrobe, a teddy bear that her boyfriend gifted on her seventeenth birthday, a three days old coffee mug probably stuck at desk due to dried milk underneath. While looking at things Antariksha’s eyes stuck on a study table with a laptop on, she stood up and went closer to check out the swimming fish screensaver on the screen, with a curious face she asks Falak, “ What’s this”? It’s a laptop, what a stupid question was that”? Falak replies. “And who the fuck are you? Why do you look exactly like me? What the fuck is happening to me?”. Antariksha explains her everything about the broom, witchcraft, and how she managed to travel through time from 1806 to the same exact house figuring out the fact that they were both related.

Falak took like a 45 minutes to process the whole idea of time travel and meeting her own ancestor recently after a hard breakup. Antariksha holds Falak’s hands and says, “ I know it’s hard, it’s hard to contemplate the fact that someone you loved so much is now gone, just like that. When I lost my pet raven in one of the family wicca rituals, I was left alone. He was the only friend I had in the entire village. I was angry. I started thinking about all sorts of things like sacrifice and blood torments for months. I couldn’t sleep properly, I started to think about my future, that how it’s going to be all lonely and hell, I even once tried to sneak into my mother’s crystal ball to have a small glimpse of what my future holds for me, my mother saw me and she home arrested me for 200 years. I was now even more curious to know all about it. I sneaked passed my house one night, I slept on a tree that. Next morning when I was walking out of town I came across this witchcraft store where I found this broomstick to future. I spent all my savings on buying this broom. I guess that was the best decision I ever made, a decision of my own. Now that I am here now I know no matter how hard we try or how much we hate or love something, shit happens. And looking at you I can say that my future is kind of bright and fun. I am happy and when I return back, I am going to destroy every piece of this broom to never ever be used again by anyone.”

Falak smiles a little, awkward and clueless at the same time she says, “ I don’t know how to react or what to say, all I know is that you are like a light of hope, a hope from the past to the future self.” As Antariksha sits on her broom to head home on a very calm voice she says, “you are a new age witch falak, as the past speaks to you with a smile on her face, the future awaits you”. Falak gets up from the bed walks up to the window to those hue of violet and orange sky. She rubs her eyes, and kept looking at those colours fading away into the dark. The “Sea change” of her life.

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Abhilash Shrivastava
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